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  • We've built a bunch of guides already. 1500 word guides on threat modeling, securing computers crossing borders, taking devices to protests, things like that. 
  • I want to make this into a game, a series of challenges. The first is a game in which the user demonstrates they know how to use PGP correctly, sending a PGP encrypted email to our PGP bot signed and encrypted; in exchange you get a badge. That gets you a point in the game.
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Help us to build the multimedia platform to share these stories. As far as I can tell, there is no one singular location where you can go to find all of the FOI requests that includes things like people's personal FBI files. There's such a reem of data, that part of the challenge will be to recreate narrative events event by event so that this can be real to people.
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Paulina H Comments on the website for Alvaro
  • Can the most recent blogposts as the bottom be removed from everywhere but the front page?
  • Can we add in the search bar?
  • How does the glossary work? Are certain words auto-tagged? (look at "encryption" on the communicating with others page)
In-Class Sprint 4/30/14
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Unfiled. Edited by Arthi Vezhavendan , schock.one@gmail.com , Nushelle de Silva 1200 days ago
Arthi V SoMove Discussion and Workshop
schock.one@gmail.com We kick off with a round of introductions, then Puck Lo reads to us a story about the background of SoMove. [see if this is published online somewhere?] Puck provides background re: global justice movement, indymedia, information and activism. 
Next Puck talks about the Giovanni's Room project. Giovanni's Room was a Gay bookstore in Philly. When it closed, there was little coverage of it. SoMove interviewed people about their connection to the store, and Puck plays clips of voices from this important element of queer history.
Nushelle S Resources for conducting interviews for oral history: http://www.oralhistoryforsocialchange.org/
Arthi V Group 1:  Social Media Strategies
Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are the normal platforms for media outreach.  What are other, non-conventional ways we can share these SoMove documentaries and the Infiltrated website?
  • How can we get people to respond to and react to the stories on the site?
  • Devise a social media strategy for the site.
  • How can SoMove promote the site and get users to share the stories?
Group 2:  Reading and Content Analysis
Youtube Clip:
Reading Questions:
1. Why didn't Crow report Darby to the authorities?
2. How was this story told about counter-infiltration?
3. Was this story effective in telling the story of the FBI and Brandon Darby?
4. How would you begin to re think this story in the terms of Infiltrated?
Group 3:  Similar Webpage Analysis
Compare how other similar sites share their videos and content. List the pros and cons of each site.  This will help us see what else we should include on our website and what mistakes to look out for.
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Daniel W Blog Post 10
Nushelle S Our main user story has changed over the course of the semester; right now, we are focusing on creating a  flexible and easy-to-use platform to conduct surveys, and efficiently organise that information. As such, this week we've been experimenting with different types of SMS survey tools, and created a matrix that maps what each is capable of, which has been shared with UYC.
  • Twilio: We've been getting help from Jaime from NEO on working with the code, that also draws from the code for Sean's twilio app. It's not very flexible, and one concern is that if UYC wants to make any changes, they won't be able to do so.
  • FrontlineSMS: We were able to use it successfully, but it doesn't have some of the options that we need.
  • SurveyGizmo: Survey gizmo is highly customizable for surveys, and also can send through email. Twilio integration will only allow sending the survey link through text (which using email only then, is preferred and more useful)
  • mSurvey: Suggested to us by Aditi, and we have gotten in touch with the rep.
  • SMS track: This looks like the one that is the most customizable, and the one we are moving forward with.
One issue is that we are still waiting to hear back from UYC re: a number of questions - specifically the kinds of questions UYC wants to be asked on the survey, the number of potential/estimated respondents, and when we might run a test workshop with the UYC students (however, since the idea of a student workshop has been pending for two weeks, we may have to abandon this initiative). UYC  is currently involved in working through a big charter fight in NYC, and are running four campaigns that have all moved over the past week. As such, we may have to move forward with a series of hypothetical questions, and an estimate of respondent numbers.
Daniel W Our third iteration will be designing the demo SMS-track platform. We have a demo account that allows 3 survey projects and 100 messages to be sent. So, if UYC does not get back to us in time for us to go ahead and implement a fully purchased survey plan, our project will showcase the capabilities of this messaging system as a prototype and demo this at our final project discotech.
It has been an interesting process for us working with the numerous iterations, as the initial request was to create an app and we have been trying to work with existing alternative options. As SMS surveying was one of our first design candidates, we now return back to this candidate after having investigated and worked through the feasibility and longevity of both the app idea and also website based platforms. Not many students have smartphones, specifically iphones. The purpose of an app was to collect stories through pictures and text submissions, along with providing information about "know your rights". However, considering app usage today and the youth population, over 90% of downloaded apps get opened only once. A UYC app may not guarantee longevity of use (challenges with updating, messaging, complex functionality), and students may not want an app that provides static information. In addition, picture submissions may not be the most useful since students cannot have phones in school and also the chance of taking a picture in school of a police encounter is unlikely. Regarding Vojo, the worry on UYC's end was having to manually sort through all the submissions and also the appeal of a web based platform. We also figured that providing a platform for free submissions may not guarantee the most coherent or high quality (legally usable) text. Therefore, we decided to go back to the texting idea and figured that if surveys can direct students in a more specific route in their answers and also provide response choices (free response when necessary), it would allow a more targeted "data" collection. In addition, the survey can run for an extended period of time and provide periodic texts and also reminders if they forget. The SMS survey would be customizable for questions and also the data can be directly organized from the backend platfor. Ultimately we believe the SMS survey will work well with the goals of UYC to collect data from students, but we just need to hear back
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