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1340 days ago
Sean F DWN workshop - "Bedtime Stories" Feedback
  • Group 1: Content Rating
  1. read and watch the different types of content provided by DWN (copied below)
  1. think about how each piece of content would work within Bedtime Stories
  1. add notes to the Hackpad with your impressions
  1. compare different types of content (audio, text, video) - which is more effective? 
  • Group 2: Framing the Topic & Call to Action
  1. based on the presentation by DWN, brainstorm about how to frame and introduce the issue of the bed quota
Aditi M
  • Need to show how absurd the bed quota is,  but the site is too static and refined
  • It's beautiful, but it needs to be more shocking
  • Needs to be emphasized that it is 34,000 every single night
  • Maybe the grid starts empty and then is just fills
  • Mouseovers need more facts? 
  • Should the grid auto play?
  • How much is about the shock value of the absurdity or how much of it is about the content?
Saul T
Sean F
  1. write a 3 sentence introduction to the site that includes a call to action
Aditi M
  • What is exactly is the call to action? What can I do as a slacktivist? Is there a petition to sign?
  • Easy embed links to share a story from the site - the individual GIFs should be sharable through social media platforms
Aditi M
Sean F
  1. write a Facebook update and a tweets that could be used to share the site
Paulina H
Saul T
  • Do you think a pregnant woman should be locked up without access to a lawyer?
  • Develop a group of insane statistics (numbers, dollars, people) and let sharer chose one that resonates
Paulina H
  • (this isn't a tweet, just a comment, lol)
Aditi M
Sean F
  • Group 3: Distribution & Organizing
Becky H Q: how is DWN organized?
A: we've been around since 97; organization is fluid and changes; we have organizaitonal and members around the country. We have a list serve, not just members, where peple interact; regular member calls where people interact quarterly; upmcoming conference 250 people; we do trainings, strategy sessions.
Our membership - legal service providers, grassroots orgs, youth based orgs, advocacy orgs, visitation program; people who are impacted; started with a lot of legal advocates and has shifted to grassroots groups too.
Q: How do you connect with people?
A: snail mail, email, talks, presentations, collaborating with members, and supporting them; as far as member comms, we're known for our list serve (high traffic), mass mailings, e-newsletters.
in terms of folks who don't know about hte issue we probabaly don't reach a lot of folks who don't know about hte issue. We try to funnel things out through our membership.
Sean F Brainstorm and discuss the following questions and record your thoughts on the Hackpad below:
  1. How can we get Bedtime Stories out in the world? 
Elizabeth C
  1.  Easily shared on social media
  1.  Embedding it onto your site, blog, articles, etc
Arthi V
  1. Have allied organizations share with their audiences
Sean F
  1. How would you share this site with your networks?
Daniel W
  1. Facebook
  1. Website embedding
Elizabeth C
  1. Twitter, hashtags
Becky H
  1. Twitter (DWN has ~10k followers); could you trend your hashtag, ask each follower to tweet 3 times in x amount of time; could you get 34k tweets against the quota?
  1. list serve
  1. each story should have something short and sharable on another platform
  1. an interest in refreshing content, or possibly highlight content from one ally or another at a given time; so feature stories mostly from one 
  1. how can this platform be used in future iterations?
  1. using this as a place for people to call in to record their stories; (could use http://vojo.co/)
  1. think of this as a mashup between pinterest and twitter; it's a sort of library, a database
Sean F
  1. How can activists use this as an organizing tool?
Elizabeth C
  1. Ways to localize it? "Find your closest detention center"
  1. Other organizations can share their detention stories, set up a cot, etc
  1. Call your senator about detention center quota
Becky H
  1. could share detention center map through this; 
  1. could encourage other forms of participation because it's visual
Sean F
  1. What would make you want to revisit the site? 
Elizabeth C
  1. If there was something you can expect would be updated
  1. site is more of a one-time site, interact with the website, share it, and that's it
Becky H
  1. and is it important to have people come back? what do you want people to do after they see this -- what kind of engagement?
silky s
  1. Storytelling platform - think about it as a documentary site to engage people initially
Sean F
  1. How would you want to stay connected with the issue? 
Elizabeth C
  1. mailing list? twitter updates
  1. anytime news about detention centers/deportation comes up DWN could use that to remind people of the website via Twitter: "check up on the counter for bedtime stories."
Becky H
  1. what are the future possibilities of this site?
Sean F             
Elizabeth C            
Sean F             
  • Possible Content for Bedtime Stories (Group 1)
  DWN’s Resource Page
 Quotes – People Directly Impacted 
Source: DWN’s Expose and Close One Year Later Report
  • “We have been given in our food trays expired juices, apples with worms in them, Jell-O that tastes like soap, left overs cooked differently up to three times in one week, but the worst was on August 18, 2013, for dinner we were served ground turkey meat, but the meat was so badly spoiled, a very foul smell spread all over the dorm. It was so bad, some gagged at the smell, others almost threw up when they notice maggots in the meat.”
Immigrant detained at Adelanto Detention Facility, California
  • “The day we arrived at [the facility] they had us without clothes, naked for two days, officials would enter the room and they would laugh at us.”

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