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Daniel Wang

1321 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nushelle de Silva , Daniel Wang 1321 days ago
Daniel W Blog Post 10
Nushelle S Our main user story has changed over the course of the semester; right now, we are focusing on creating a  flexible and easy-to-use platform to conduct surveys, and efficiently organise that information. As such, this week we've been experimenting with different types of SMS survey tools, and created a matrix that maps what each is capable of, which has been shared with UYC.
  • Twilio: We've been getting help from Jaime from NEO on working with the code, that also draws from the code for Sean's twilio app. It's not very flexible, and one concern is that if UYC wants to make any changes, they won't be able to do so.
  • FrontlineSMS: We were able to use it successfully, but it doesn't have some of the options that we need.
  • SurveyGizmo: Survey gizmo is highly customizable for surveys, and also can send through email. Twilio integration will only allow sending the survey link through text (which using email only then, is preferred and more useful)
  • mSurvey: Suggested to us by Aditi, and we have gotten in touch with the rep.
  • SMS track: This looks like the one that is the most customizable, and the one we are moving forward with.
One issue is that we are still waiting to hear back from UYC re: a number of questions - specifically the kinds of questions UYC wants to be asked on the survey, the number of potential/estimated respondents, and when we might run a test workshop with the UYC students (however, since the idea of a student workshop has been pending for two weeks, we may have to abandon this initiative). UYC  is currently involved in working through a big charter fight in NYC, and are running four campaigns that have all moved over the past week. As such, we may have to move forward with a series of hypothetical questions, and an estimate of respondent numbers.
Daniel W Our third iteration will be designing the demo SMS-track platform. We have a demo account that allows 3 survey projects and 100 messages to be sent. So, if UYC does not get back to us in time for us to go ahead and implement a fully purchased survey plan, our project will showcase the capabilities of this messaging system as a prototype and demo this at our final project discotech.
It has been an interesting process for us working with the numerous iterations, as the initial request was to create an app and we have been trying to work with existing alternative options. As SMS surveying was one of our first design candidates, we now return back to this candidate after having investigated and worked through the feasibility and longevity of both the app idea and also website based platforms. Not many students have smartphones, specifically iphones. The purpose of an app was to collect stories through pictures and text submissions, along with providing information about "know your rights". However, considering app usage today and the youth population, over 90% of downloaded apps get opened only once. A UYC app may not guarantee longevity of use (challenges with updating, messaging, complex functionality), and students may not want an app that provides static information. In addition, picture submissions may not be the most useful since students cannot have phones in school and also the chance of taking a picture in school of a police encounter is unlikely. Regarding Vojo, the worry on UYC's end was having to manually sort through all the submissions and also the appeal of a web based platform. We also figured that providing a platform for free submissions may not guarantee the most coherent or high quality (legally usable) text. Therefore, we decided to go back to the texting idea and figured that if surveys can direct students in a more specific route in their answers and also provide response choices (free response when necessary), it would allow a more targeted "data" collection. In addition, the survey can run for an extended period of time and provide periodic texts and also reminders if they forget. The SMS survey would be customizable for questions and also the data can be directly organized from the backend platfor. Ultimately we believe the SMS survey will work well with the goals of UYC to collect data from students, but we just need to hear back
1326 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth H Cho , Nushelle de Silva , Daniel Wang 1326 days ago
Elizabeth C UYC Project Sprint
Goals for today:
Successfully send a message with Frontline and Twilio
Nushelle S Contact Maria and confirm final iteration
Elizabeth C Flesh out survey questions
Nushelle S To think about - a page on the UYC site that talks about the campaign
1354 days ago
1. Clarify: ask questions of clarification about the work 
  • ove already have stories of infiltration that are recorded/produced?
  • Do you, or SoMove, have a definition of 'Inflitrated?' +1 +1 +1 +1
Willow B
  • Will the feed be curated at all?
Wang Y
  • What kind of impact do you want to achieve?
Aditi M
  • Can you talk more about how you will be organizing these stories aside from time, place, and tags?
2. Value: Comment on the strengths of the work
Willow B
  • Solidarity is hard! This can help.
Saul T
  • Infiltration is often done to divide. This helps to inoculate against that++
Chrislene D
  • Storytelling
Jeffrey W
  • User personae were compelling 
3. Concerns: comment on your concerns about the work
  • How will the stories be gathered/recorded? +1 +1 
  • Who will review incoming stories?
Willow B
  • FOIA requests can put personal information in the public domain. There are other ways of seeing if there are files which still respect privacy. EFF can help with this. +1
Saul T
  • FOIA requests won't surface any information about ongoing investigations +1
Becky H
  • Form: Concerned that people will not trust/use the form. How can you make clear on the form, what the value of sharing your story about infiltration is?
Chrislene D
  • Visuals-not many pictures or maps
Wang Y
  • Do we need a secure channel to report the news?
Saul T
  • The NSA doesn't actually infiltrate groups, it collects "signals intelligence." It leaves infiltration to other intelligence agencies.
  • Worried about 'platform building.' Suggest using Wordpress or existing tools.
Paulina H
  • How much do you plan to have built by the end of the semester?
4. Suggest: Make suggestions for improving the work
  • Rather than build a new platform, use an existing platform if possible! +1  +1 +1 +1
  • Start by telling us who SoMove is! +1
Aditi M
  • Frame the infiltration problem better - tell the story of the issue more in the beginning
  • If SoMove has any stories already recorded (video/audio), try starting from that existing content and build its presentation from there - this would also shape which layout to go for
Willow B
  • Way to link various groups/methods infiltrating (can we see a trend?) - IE, I like Layout 3.
  • Make it clear what the process is for stories being included, especially if it seems crowd-sourced. +1
  • UYC
Becky H goals: create a platform that helps UYC to use the collection of stories and data as a body of evidence backing their policy recommendations
1. Clarify: ask questions of clarification about the work 
  • Why would we need geotags? If we need school names, use school names?
Saul T
  • If this project were wildly successful, how would schools be different? +1
Miho K
  • Who would be reading the compiled texts etc.?
Becky H
  • How are students currently sharing these stories? Are they? With whom?
Sean F
  • Can students use app to share via social media?
Jeffrey W
  • Was noh8 an existing project or something you're proposing?
2. Value: Comment on the strengths of the work
  • Really like the Selfie design candidate +1 +1+1 +1 +1 +1
Paulina H
  • +1 seems feasible and fun!
Becky H
  • YAY that this came from talking with students +1
Chrislene D
  • Teens love instagram! 
Aditi M
  • Great user personae
Wang Y
  • Great prototype / graphic design - making the process enjoyable
Pia Z
  • It's nice that the students will be able to share their stories. 
Wang Y
  • Good consideration of user scenario - collect data after school. +1
Willow B
  • I really like the "knowing if it was legit or not" so far as official action
Evan H
  • Looking at real use is the best way to determine value in what you build.
3. Concerns: comment on your concerns about the work
  • Like the selfie idea, but concerned about retribution against students +1 +1
Sean F
Becky H
  • will the school retaliate against students and how will UYC support students who take this risk? +1
Jeffrey W
  • Will students be willing to tell a compelling story via text message, could email also work? +1 +1 +1
Becky H
  • Can you use this as a way of movement building/informing students about UYC and organizing together?
  • What is UYC's ongoing capacity to maintain the app and to process contributions
4. Suggest: Make suggestions for improving the work
  • The Instagram / Social Campaign idea is very strong, strongest idea. Think about how it can be used to also satisfy UYC's goals around data - may not be incompatible. For example, you can use in-body messages or hashtags to answer survey questions +1
Wei-Wei L
  • instagram campaign could just be a way to engage users to answer surveys and stuff and used in conjunction with another survey app or something
  • Earlier we talked about the trucks/bodegas where people leave phones. Any way to bring that back in.
Aditi M
  • Get more specific about personae - or the different ways each personae use the app
Becky H
  • Make clear how reports/stories will contribute to campaigns/weakening of school to prison pipeline +1
Willow B
  • Have a way to see what initiatives are going on, plug into them
Sean F
  • Consult a social scientist when developing your survey to ensure that data can be used in academic publications. This will be tricky too because in order to use the data in publications you'll need consent forms, etc.
Paulina H
  • Also IRB approval
Saul T
  • And the students may be minors so you'll need parental consent
Jeffrey W
  • Tradeoff between ease of use and useful data seems hard, maybe look into existing projects that gather/collect strong data but also are usable for the specific demographic.
Willow B
  • From Neo: push notification might work better than text message if students have smart phones
Aditi M
  • The problem you are addressing is really critical and can be explained better - maybe even though a personal story in the beginning
1. Clarify: ask questions of clarification about the work 
Jude M
  • How will you be able to tell that a cell tower belongs to one of the agencies?
Willow B
  • Need clarity in what it is to "collect data with your phone" - I think you mean make it clear what "legit" towers are, which I love. +1
2. Value: Comment on the strengths of the work
Becky H
  • Great! introducing your partners and their work. +1 +1+1 +1
Aditi M
  • Really glad you gave an overview of this problem - well done +1++1
Becky H
  • Yay sharing your team values! +1 +1 +1
Wang Y
  • Build awareness & focus on regulation +1
  • Nice job with the user personae +1+1
  • Really nice overview of training your device, then comparing to look for any new tower
Saul T
  • SPIDEY is a good name +1 +1+1 +1
3. Concerns: comment on your concerns about the work
Willow B
  • Passive is both awesome for crowd sourcing, bad for infiltration.
  • If you centralize the source, someone could spoof the source
Miho K
  • I know that the user personae is limited to those who are interested in this issue, but what would they do after they find out about the unknown cell tower? Is there any way to prevent it? +1
Daniel W
  • How easy is it for them to mask the towers?
Becky H
  • What would you do with fake crowdsourced reports? How could you keep the data clean?
Willow B
  • How do people find out about the application?
Evan H
  • Aren't there stealth IMSI catchers?
Chrislene D
  • What ways can we react to finding out we are being spied on? 
4. Suggest: Make suggestions for improving the work
  • Consider sharing publicly when an IMSI catcher is found - via FB, twitter, with a hashtag? +1
1333 days ago
Group 1: Vojo
- Would you engage with the group regularly? Why?
Each member of the group explore and interact with one of the following websites that use Vojo
Daniel W
  • Sean suggested looking at Twilio again, he has source code from a previous twilio project. We can look at how NEO can help set up the database and maybe even heat map.
  • Many ways of input, but hard to type, students may not be coherent. Needs simpler way of sharing. 
  • Vojo doesnt give any response when you submit anything. 
  • Capacity to deal with data
Group 2: NYCLU Stop and Frisk App - Security and Sorting Info
UYC envisions the app as an inputting device, to protect the identities of students sharing their info, similar to the NYCLU stop and frisk app.
Elizabeth C ** consider downloading the stop and frisk app
- How can UYC "package" the data and stories to be visually appealing/impactful without compromising the security of the students?
Wang Y Video filming, Blurring + facial recognition
- To draw students in, should we structure the site as a series of campaigns (ask a question  or phone in with responses to a specific prompt)?
Facebook campaign with questions e.g. "what's the last time you saw..."
-Can you think of a way to strike a Vojo website/app balance?
Susanna P Simple = better 
How active are the student users?
Daniel W App: put prompts on screen rather than input manually, anonymous distort voice/picture
post incident, store video etc
private vs public info
Susanna P On the app:
Generally easy to use -- survey had too many questions? maybe? or maybe not.
Listen feature misleading
Default behavior -- record? 
Too specific -- how can it be generalized?
Option to upload video / pictures / sound recordings (in addition to taking video)
Wang Y People may just use the internal camera tool of the phone, instead of install an app.
Susanna P Instant upload +++
if adapting app to work as a post-incident reporting system (and not a during incident recording system) the app might need...
  • voice recording feature
  • front camera recording option
  • list of questions to prompt the student telling a story through front camera or voice recording+
  • would need a way to translate video/voice recordings
  • an option for storage (of recordings)
Wang Y
  • distort the voice to ensure anonymous status (can choose distortion type)
Susanna P Questions:
  • Is the primary goal to record data or to retell the stories?
schock.one@gmail.com Group 3: Crowdmap/Ushahidi
Crowdmap is a hosted platform for incident reporting. You can see a test group for UYC here:
Email                         uyctest@in.crowdmap.com
Send from your registered email address                 
SMS       +1-772-200-4233                                                 
Include *uyctest in the message.                 
schock.one@gmail.com It's built on the Ushahidi platform. They also have a mobile app for iPhone and Android:
Nushelle S Sourcemap: based on heatmapping - doesn't seem to have an option to be private?
Vojo: moderated group - not published - can contact everyone who posted
Stop and frisk: app, access to source code, where does info go?
1329 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Wang 1329 days ago
  • Needs: "We would like to build our project using the texting service, Twilio. Mainly, the goal is to have a back end database that can collect the text answers from students and organize them by each student's profile as well. In addition, UYC would be able to view these responses and have the ability to send out customized text messages. The first goal of the texts would be to survey students on a regular basis about their experiences in school. The second function of texts would be to promote UYC activities and help activism. Therefore we would need help building the backend functionality to accompany the Twilio service that can allow data collection and also freedom to send texts as well as allowing UYC to change the questions in the texts.
1340 days ago
Sean F DWN workshop - "Bedtime Stories" Feedback
  • Group 1: Content Rating
  1. read and watch the different types of content provided by DWN (copied below)
  1. think about how each piece of content would work within Bedtime Stories
  1. add notes to the Hackpad with your impressions
  1. compare different types of content (audio, text, video) - which is more effective? 
  • Group 2: Framing the Topic & Call to Action
  1. based on the presentation by DWN, brainstorm about how to frame and introduce the issue of the bed quota
Aditi M
  • Need to show how absurd the bed quota is,  but the site is too static and refined
  • It's beautiful, but it needs to be more shocking
  • Needs to be emphasized that it is 34,000 every single night
  • Maybe the grid starts empty and then is just fills
  • Mouseovers need more facts? 
  • Should the grid auto play?
  • How much is about the shock value of the absurdity or how much of it is about the content?
Saul T
Sean F
  1. write a 3 sentence introduction to the site that includes a call to action
Aditi M
  • What is exactly is the call to action? What can I do as a slacktivist? Is there a petition to sign?
  • Easy embed links to share a story from the site - the individual GIFs should be sharable through social media platforms
Aditi M
Sean F
  1. write a Facebook update and a tweets that could be used to share the site
Paulina H
Saul T
  • Do you think a pregnant woman should be locked up without access to a lawyer?
  • Develop a group of insane statistics (numbers, dollars, people) and let sharer chose one that resonates
Paulina H
  • (this isn't a tweet, just a comment, lol)
Aditi M
Sean F
  • Group 3: Distribution & Organizing
Becky H Q: how is DWN organized?
A: we've been around since 97; organization is fluid and changes; we have organizaitonal and members around the country. We have a list serve, not just members, where peple interact; regular member calls where people interact quarterly; upmcoming conference 250 people; we do trainings, strategy sessions.
Our membership - legal service providers, grassroots orgs, youth based orgs, advocacy orgs, visitation program; people who are impacted; started with a lot of legal advocates and has shifted to grassroots groups too.
Q: How do you connect with people?
A: snail mail, email, talks, presentations, collaborating with members, and supporting them; as far as member comms, we're known for our list serve (high traffic), mass mailings, e-newsletters.
in terms of folks who don't know about hte issue we probabaly don't reach a lot of folks who don't know about hte issue. We try to funnel things out through our membership.
Sean F Brainstorm and discuss the following questions and record your thoughts on the Hackpad below:
  1. How can we get Bedtime Stories out in the world? 
Elizabeth C
  1.  Easily shared on social media
  1.  Embedding it onto your site, blog, articles, etc
Arthi V
  1. Have allied organizations share with their audiences
Sean F
  1. How would you share this site with your networks?
Daniel W
  1. Facebook
  1. Website embedding
Elizabeth C
  1. Twitter, hashtags
Becky H
  1. Twitter (DWN has ~10k followers); could you trend your hashtag, ask each follower to tweet 3 times in x amount of time; could you get 34k tweets against the quota?
  1. list serve
  1. each story should have something short and sharable on another platform
  1. an interest in refreshing content, or possibly highlight content from one ally or another at a given time; so feature stories mostly from one 
  1. how can this platform be used in future iterations?
  1. using this as a place for people to call in to record their stories; (could use http://vojo.co/)
  1. think of this as a mashup between pinterest and twitter; it's a sort of library, a database
Sean F
  1. How can activists use this as an organizing tool?
Elizabeth C
  1. Ways to localize it? "Find your closest detention center"
  1. Other organizations can share their detention stories, set up a cot, etc
  1. Call your senator about detention center quota
Becky H
  1. could share detention center map through this; 
  1. could encourage other forms of participation because it's visual
Sean F
  1. What would make you want to revisit the site? 
Elizabeth C
  1. If there was something you can expect would be updated
  1. site is more of a one-time site, interact with the website, share it, and that's it
Becky H
  1. and is it important to have people come back? what do you want people to do after they see this -- what kind of engagement?
silky s
  1. Storytelling platform - think about it as a documentary site to engage people initially
Sean F
  1. How would you want to stay connected with the issue? 
Elizabeth C
  1. mailing list? twitter updates
  1. anytime news about detention centers/deportation comes up DWN could use that to remind people of the website via Twitter: "check up on the counter for bedtime stories."
Becky H
  1. what are the future possibilities of this site?
Sean F             
Elizabeth C            
Sean F             
  • Possible Content for Bedtime Stories (Group 1)
  DWN’s Resource Page
 Quotes – People Directly Impacted 
Source: DWN’s Expose and Close One Year Later Report
  • “We have been given in our food trays expired juices, apples with worms in them, Jell-O that tastes like soap, left overs cooked differently up to three times in one week, but the worst was on August 18, 2013, for dinner we were served ground turkey meat, but the meat was so badly spoiled, a very foul smell spread all over the dorm. It was so bad, some gagged at the smell, others almost threw up when they notice maggots in the meat.”
Immigrant detained at Adelanto Detention Facility, California
  • “The day we arrived at [the facility] they had us without clothes, naked for two days, officials would enter the room and they would laugh at us.”
1386 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elizabeth H Cho 1386 days ago
Elizabeth C
  • Notes from Workshop
Examine history of criminalization
Difference between urban and surburban areas
  • Metal detectors were not implemented in Columbine
Who's the audience?
**Intelligence Mischief Terry
  • Project he came up with was creating a housing carnival
  • Made the connection between housing markets being fixed and carnival games being fixed
  • Center for Story-based strategy
  • More capturing the narrative they want to present
  • Dominant story/narrative is that they need to be harassed because they are dangerous
  • Need to ask them more questions
  • Bring examples of things to them
  • Toronto, created a phone app for when you're being harassed by police, immediately shoots it to a website
  • Youth Bus Pass, current boston high school pass cut off time is 6 pm, case where they got approval when head of MBTA wanted to implement pilot program
  • Created a report with young stories
  • Narrative before was that young people don't need bus pass past 6pm, story they presented was that some kids needed to use it later "MBTA is my pass to college" 
  • Shifting the narrative
  • Who's your audience?
  • Who's your target audience?
  • Who's the character in these stories?
  • Who's the hero? The villain? How do we want to project these stories? What's the conflict? What future do you want to project? (Youth Pass for school)
Villifies cops?
  • Cops are out to get students
  • Why don't you tell the story from both sides?
  • "Information architecture"?
  • Police blotter that goes around for schools
  • Kids giving their own side of the police blotter
  • For the website, have a link.
  • Web presence
  • NYPD in schools web presence
  • Verify authenticity of individual
  • Creating open dialogue
  • Reach out to kids
  • Do students already have stories out there?

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