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Sean F DWN workshop - "Bedtime Stories" Feedback
  • Group 1: Content Rating
  1. read and watch the different types of content provided by DWN (copied below)
  1. think about how each piece of content would work within Bedtime Stories
  1. add notes to the Hackpad with your impressions
  1. compare different types of content (audio, text, video) - which is more effective? 
  • Group 2: Framing the Topic & Call to Action
  1. based on the presentation by DWN, brainstorm about how to frame and introduce the issue of the bed quota
  1. write a 3 sentence introduction to the site that includes a call to action
  1. write a Facebook update and a tweets that could be used to share the site
  • Group 3: Distribution & Organizing
Brainstorm and discuss the following questions and record your thoughts on the Hackpad below:
  1. How can we get Bedtime Stories out in the world?
  1. How would you share this site with your networks?
  1. How can activists use this as an organizing tool?
  1. What would make you want to revisit the site? 
  1. How would you want to stay connected with the issue? 
  • Possible Content for Bedtime Stories (Group 1)
  DWN’s Resource Page
 Quotes – People Directly Impacted 
Source: DWN’s Expose and Close One Year Later Report
  • “We have been given in our food trays expired juices, apples with worms in them, Jell-O that tastes like soap, left overs cooked differently up to three times in one week, but the worst was on August 18, 2013, for dinner we were served ground turkey meat, but the meat was so badly spoiled, a very foul smell spread all over the dorm. It was so bad, some gagged at the smell, others almost threw up when they notice maggots in the meat.”
Immigrant detained at Adelanto Detention Facility, California
  • “The day we arrived at [the facility] they had us without clothes, naked for two days, officials would enter the room and they would laugh at us.”
Immigrant detained at Irwin County Detention Center, Georgia
  • “These men are being removed bunches at a time and I am almost certain that if they had attorneys to represent them, some or most of them would be able to remain in the United States with their beloved families.”
        Immigrant detained at Theo-Lacy Detention Facility, California
Quotes – Editorial Board  
“Congress’s arbitrary detention mandates and the Obama administration’s aggressive use of its enforcement powers have pushed deportations to record levels of 400,000 a year. This has had no discernible effect on the overall problem, but it has caused abundant anguish in immigrant families and their communities.”
“ICE’s detention system is not a model of humane incarceration. It’s a ramshackle network of private and public lockups, prone to abuses and lacking legally enforceable standards for how detainees are treated.”
                Part One
                Part Two
                Part Three
  • Bed Quota (TBA)
Voices from Detention
  • Maxi Sopo at Stewart Detention Center in Georgia
Maxi has been detained at Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GA, operated by the for-profit corporation Corrections Corporation of America, since February of 2012. In his home country of Cameroon, Maxi was involved with human rights groups, speaking out against female genital mutilation and forced marriage of women, as well as supporting women's education. 
  • Eldger Virgilio Gomez López at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona
Elder is a father of two young children, who has been detained at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona for more than 6 months. He has several serious health conditions that are rapidly deteriorating and he is being denied appropriate medical care while in detention. In 2000, Elder was shot in the stomach while living in Guatemala, leaving him with a colostomy bag. Now, while in detention, he has severe and ongoing health issues, including gastritis, ulcers, and a stomach infection, all of which leave him unable to swallow solid food. ICE is refusing to follow Elder's doctor's orders, denying him medications and the specialized diet he needs, therefore, risking his life. 
Video and Radio News Clips
  • Silky Shah on Melissa Harris-Perry:
  • DWN steering committee member organization, Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), produced the following video and corresponding petition:

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