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Ox Cart

1386 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thomas , Ox Cart 1386 days ago
I am a smartphone user who taken lots of snapshots but have never produced a professional video.  I happen apon an important event that I want to document.  When I use StoryMaker, I am taken through a guided experience (chose your own adventure), and I ended up making story far better than I thought I was capable.
Ox C Lantern
I want to help censored users
I am someone living in the uncensored world and want to help people who face government censorship to access a free and open internet by running Lantern on my computer at home.  By actually running Lantern on my computer rather than just donating, and getting occasional updates about how I've helped, I feel like I'm actively involved in making the world better.
When away from home, I want to experience the web the same way that I do at home
By running Lantern at home and on the road, I am able to protect my communications while using public networks and see geo-sensitive content as it's intended to be seen in my home rather than wherever I happen to be traveling.

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